Lettering for Vincenzo Bakery ADS
Hiper Power Banks AD
Hiper AD Hiper is Power Banks for mobile devices. In collaboration with Philipp Shprints
Illutrations For Lays
Illustrations for Lays Chips
Thomson LED Lighting
Thomson LED Lighting web site In collaboration with Alexandra Gooch.
Perelman Pencils
Perelman pencils Made in The Bold Studio (Russia, Moscow) Designers: Alan Temiraev, Volodya Zotov Illustrators: Julien Jules, Phil Using a portrait of...
DJ M.E.G. feat. NERAK — Storm (Cover)
DJ M.E.G. secured his status of the most in-demand Russian DJ, with his geography going well beyond Russia and the CIS countries. DJ M.E.G. performs in the top...
Vincenzo Bakery Logotype
Durex Condoms Fake Ad
Photographer: Alan Temiraev Copyrighter: Ruslan Bekurov AD: Alexandra Zakharova, Ilya Plotnikov
Mercada Group Logotype
Mercada Group Logotype
DJ M.E.G. feat. Demirra — Show The way. Lyrics video
Winner of TYPOMANIA 2012 in nomination "Drive in Typography" — International festival Typomania is an annual celebration of font, typography, calligraphy...
Vincenzo Bakery TV Ad
Shoted in my kitchen Confectioner Artem Klimenko Made for Mercada Group LLC.
Detsl aka Le Truk
Detsl aka Le Truk Photographer: Alan Temiraev
Famous Magazine
Famous Magazine This is the best lifestyle magazine in North Caucasus, Russia. My first experience in the sphere of editorial design. The project started on...
Heinz Ketchup Fake Ad
AyChitalka Application
AiChitalka App Ad Photographer: Alan Temiraev Art Director: Eli Maier
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